Beauty Favs of 2018

Top Five Facial Skin Care Products of 2018

I love fashion and I also love beauty products equally. This past year I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried a lot of new products. I don’t usually stray from my usual stash of products or even know the importance of some of them, but I have found a few items that I am currently raving about, so here we go.

  1. Clarosonic Mia 2 Face Brush – So I have had this brush for a few years but I live by it so its only right that it’s the top of my favs. I wear makeup almost every day so I needed something that would really give my face a overall deep clean to remove all the makeup and oils, an without a doubt it does the job and giving a great polished look every time. Plus you can change the brush heads for those who have sensitive or acne prone skin.
  2. Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser– I believe in visiting my local Sephora store when it comes to beauty products. So after getting advice from a friend I was referred to this face wash and I have been hooked. It is a great cleaning wash that removes makeup & oil without over drying the skin. It also has a warming effect that feels amazing when applying.
  3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel – So this is sad to say but I’m going to be honest, I just started truly using moisturizers this year, being that I have very oily skin I always thought applying additional moisture to a oily face was pointless. Until one day I got advice from a skin specialist that referred me to this product and what a game changer it was. It makes my skin feel so soft and rejuvenated without weighing it down or having a sticky feel to my face, it also makes my makeup applications 10 times better. Did I mention its a drugstore product. WINNING!
  4. Aztec Indian Healing Clay – There are so many AMAZING things I can say about this product. I heard about this clay via Youtube about a year ago and considered buying, but I decided not to. One day I was in my local grocery store and I saw it. Best purchase I’ve ever bought. This all natural clay mask is powerful in its properties. I had many blemishes and suffer from large pores and this mask has helped contain oil, correct acne marks and minimize pores. SAY WHAT! yes it’s done all that in a few months. It’s great if your trying to go the natural route to get clearer skin or even if you just want a good clay mask this, this is the one for you.
  5. Brags Apple Cider Vinegar– If looking for all -natural products this by far is shockingly a favorite product. I can honestly say I live by this product. It has so many things it provides for the body. in this case it would be a toner, as mentioned before I have extremely oily skin and acne scars. I have noticed a tremendous change in my face and apple cider vinegar played a major role. It has helped contain my oil and also removed some of my darkest scars. Did I mention its inexpensive.

These are my top 5 beauty favs for 2018. I certainly don’t pretend to be a professional or skin specialist. I can only speak for me and my skin, and what works for me, but I like to share my journey and experience with my readers to give my personal experience with products. I try to keep my skin care routine budget friendly and manageable. I look forward to trying new products in 2019 but these will definetly be coming with me into the new year.

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  1. ATypicalLife says:

    I really want one of those face cleaning brushes!! Will definitely have to give it a go. Great post! Check mine out too? Xx


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