Wild things

Don’t be basic! Who said you can’t be fly and fun in the winter? The boring days of neutrals, darks colors and plaids are slowly becoming a trend of the past. Scrolling through my social media feeds of my fellow bloggers and style influencers, I am seeing a repeat trend of exotic animal prints and vibrant bright colors this season. I love the amazing prints. My faves are neons that shine through to work well with winter time vibes.

I want to add my touch to this current trend. Starting with a vibrant pink turtleneck then adding a red cheetah print skirt for contrast giving business on top and party on the bottom creating a very simple but trendy look.

I feel every fashionista should have at least one stand out article of clothing in their closet whether it be a bold print dress, colorful skirt, artsy pants, neon shoes or wild accessories. It’s unique pattern or texture makes any outfit pop and is versitile for any occasssion. Also allowing you to mix and match to give great style to your outfits.

Fashion doesn’t always make sense but your style can. By adding your own personality to a trend and giving your personal spin to a traditional style can make your look amazing so don’t be afraid to try something out of the norm because fashion is never normal.

Outfit Details

Zara Red Cheetah Skirt (Sold Out) – Comparable Cheetah Print Skirt

Pink J.Crew Turtleneck- Pink Turtleneck

Sunglasses- Celine Aviator Glasses

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