The Windy City

Chicago! Oh Chicago What an experience it has been. As you can tell from the title, I recently took a trip to the windy city with friends. This was my first time to ever travel to the ‘Chi’ so I was excited and ready to explore. I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of thought and planning that would go into this trip because of the extreme weather conditions. The Midwest had a chilly greeting for this southern girl.

Being that I’m from Texas, going to a city where snow plows and freezing sub-zero temps are the norm this time of year was a big adjustment for me. I’ve  experienced the East coast in winter but this was a special kind of freezing temperatures. I had to pack cold weather essentials such as jackets, sweaters, you know…. the big heavy ones, wool scarfs, leather gloves comfy boots and warm but cute hats. The kind of stuff that would not normally be worn in Texas. I had to learn how to layer my clothing while trying to be fashionable and warm which isn’t always the easiest task.

After packing everything I thought I would need I was off to Chi- town. While on the plane I instantly realized that I wasn’t in Texas anymore with 3 degree weather, yes…3 degrees and strong winds gave me a mind-blowing welcome. So I’m going from excited to a bit nervous wondering will I survive the next few days?

So after day 1 I slowly start to adjust to the drastic climate change and I’m ready to experience Chicago. What a beautiful city it is with its amazing architectural buildings, great shopping malls and friendly locals. But the downside, I quickly notice that getting around the city can be expensive. Moving around the city in snowy 3 degree weather isn’t the easiest and they definitely make you pay for it.

If you’re looking for a great place to travel with friends and family or even to explore on your own, I definitely would recommend it. And yes I do see myself coming back when the warmer weather returns to enjoy this great city but I left understanding why it’s called the Windy City! See you in the summertime Chicago.

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