How Thrifty!

Girl where did you find that?.. the question I get about every outfit I wear and 50% of the time I have to explain it’s thrifted. So this week I decided to share some of my most coveted tips when it comes to my personal thrifting process. In case you didn’t know I am a huge fan of thrifting and have acquired somewhat of a skill or technique to make my shopping experience fun and exciting. Without further ado here are my top ten tips to help you on your next thrifting excursion.

  1. Have Time – when it comes to thrifting you must have time. It is essential to have a free schedule for the day, so you can truly find the items you want. be patient and take your time.
  2. Be prepared for the unexpected– all stores are set up differently so you cannot expect all stores to be the same, one may be a nicely sorted rack or you may encounter a crammed over-stuffed rack expect the unexpected but just know you’ll have to be willing to explore or dig.
  3. Know your sizewhen you know what works for you knowing your size will help your shopping experience, you can decipher what will fit or not, generally items in thrift stores are categorized by size which will help guide you to the area that you need to be an give a great starting point.
  4. Have a open mindyou can not go into the thrift store expecting to find everything you’re looking for, sometimes you’ll come across great finds and sometimes you’ll leave with nothing but don’t feel defeated if you don’t find anything on the first trip just try again the next time.
  5. Get creative – OK so you found a piece but you’re not 100% sold on it take time, think about what you’re purchasing, and ask these questions. Do I have something that goes with this? is it in good condition? can I add my personal touch to this? if the majority of your answers are yes then go for it and slay your fabulous thrift find!
  6. Try it ondon’t be afraid to try it on! just about every thrift store has a fitting room of course they are not as glamorous as Nordstrom’s or Neimans but they do get the job done. I will caution that all items are not cleaned prior to purchasing, so I would recommend wearing clothing that you can try items on over such as leggings tanks etc… It is vital to try on items your unsure of since many thrift stores are final sale and do not except returns.
  7. Find a sale- there is nothing better than a sale. at my local thrift stores generally a day out of the week they hold a sale on certain items, and of course those are my favorite days so I try to check out my thrift stores based around those particular days, because every girl wants to save a coin. so make sure to join your local thrift stores mailing list or clubs so you can know when sales are happening and plan your best thrifting days.
  8. Explore the store- Learn the layout of the store so when you frequent your shops you know the ends and outs too thrift like a pro.
  9. Seasonal Finds Who needs seasons when it comes to thrifting? if I like it I buy and that’s the motto you should live with when it comes to thrift shopping. At a majority of thrift stores customers usually donate their winter items at the beginning of summer and their summer items at the beginning of winter so never rule out pieces that are not in season because you can always wear it when that time comes around.
  10. Have FunThrifting should be enjoyable and an adventure, it is always a great way to shop and find great bargains. When thrifting shoppers should live by the rule “Buy what works for you”. Create a style that is your own and do it all while saving a coin.

I truly hope these tips and tricks have given you some insight and motivation to try out your local thrift stores and help you on your next shopping excursion. Make sure to hashtag #Hauteglamhollie to see all your great finds!

Until next blog!


Miss Hollie

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