The Winter Fit

Winter is still hanging around so why not give you some more winter time fashion. When it comes to outfits,   I look for simplicity in many levels. The key is to be fashionable, stay warm and comfortable, but still have a hint of personal style. With this outfit I went with a chic, on the go look. Starting off with every woman’s wardrobe MUST HAVE….a ‘LBD’ little black dress. This staple piece is a necessity for any wardrobe and allowance you to add your personal style. It’s a universal piece of clothing that will work for any occasion. For this outfit I went for my casual long sleeve black dress that is wrinkle free and a great quality knit. I then paired it with a light tan leather belt to give the dress shape and detail adding my new favorite black knee boots.

Winter outfits are solely based around key pieces of clothing that we all should have in our closet, it’s about putting the clothing pieces that can pair nicely together that will keep your outfit chic, comfortable and cost friendly. If you’re saying to yourself….I’m not sure I have some of these key peices in my wardrobe, on your next shopping trip make sure to find some of the items that would be essential to add to your closet.

Until the next blog. Stay warm and fabulous!

Photos by: Charis Photography Solutions

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