April Look Book

Have you heard?.. spring is the season for all things yellow.. so for the month of April I decided to pay tribute to this fun vibrant color in just about all of it’s shades, giving fun casual looks as well as dressy full glam styles.. so I decided to talk about each outfit and tell you where I found these great pieces.. keep reading below for outfit details and more.

“Nike On my body” – So this has to be my most favorable outfit. It express all things Hollie in one outfit Casual,Swaggy, stylish, colorful and inexpensive.

Starting with the Jacket I purchased a few years back from a local thrift store for close to nothing, but you can find any type of athletic jacket to accomplish this look by checking out your favorite sports good store or online.

Shirt: purchased from – TJMaxx

Jeans: Forever21 Distressed boyfriend jean

Hat – Nike (Online)

Shoes- Vans “Old Skools”

“Checks Over Stripes”

So if you haven’t noticed I have a slight infatuation with Nike! Oh Well!

I live my the motto less is more and you can still achieve a great look for any occasion without over doing and putting on everything in your closet.

With this look I focused on the over sized tee effect. Which can give a effortless casual look with some swag.

Style Fact: Oversized tee can be a great look when paired correctly. If your going to wear something oversized make that the focus and your other garments should be more fitting or structured to give the body shape

Shirt:Nike (Purchased Online)

Jeans : Lane Bryant

Shoes : Balenciaga

The Infamous Yellow Skirt”

I have been asked numerous times where this amazing yellow skirt can be found. well your in luck because I’m going to tell you!

Skirt: this skirt was purchased from Burlington a few months ago I searched high and low but it is sold out. But don’t fret I’ve got your back I have found a very comparable style that I have linked below

Yellow Pencil Skirt – click here

Top: Lane Bryant/ Any button down solid would also go great with this look.

Shoes: Fashion Nova

Hello Sunshine!!

Can we please have a moment for this amazing one of a kind couture custom garment.. I am a believer in making fashion yours! So what other way to do that than seeing a vision come to life.. this was a idea that was created by the fabulous Red Village label and was executed flawlessly. I gave the idea of what I wanted and a masterpiece was created.

Unfortunately ladies this was a unicorn that can not be purchased off the rack or ordered on line but I wanted to just highlight the fabulousness of this look which I know will inspire others to recreate.

Well ladies that sums up the looks for the month of April.. make sure you are following on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s in store for May!

As always thanks for reading and supporting!

xoxo Hollie

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