Summer time vibes

Sponsored by ofuure swim.

Summer time! my fav time of the year bright colors bold prints and of course swim suits.. for me I’m always searching for sassy fun swimsuit that fits my body perfectly.

I am currently obsessing over this brand called ofure where they give these beautiful tribal bold prints in a variety of styles for all sizes

For me and swimsuits I’m always looking for how it will fit and if your like me you know finding swim wear that’s well fitting can sometimes be be a task.. but you find that one.. it’s time to put those curves in the sun.. rather it’s a cute one piece or a sassy two – piece whatever you choose as long as you feel confident that’s all that matters..

And of course I would let you come here and not give details see below for the links.

|Kimono:Fara Kimono|Swim Suit: FARA one-piece swimsuit| Earrings: Kina Bae

Photography by: Charis Solution Photography

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