My Summer Resort Experience

So, yes I officially stayed at my first resort for vacation, and I enjoyed every bit of it from the accommodations to the many social events, photo ops and let’s not forget the beautiful views as well as the numerous pools and spas.

for me I am one who loves to travel and explore new places, so I decided that I would try something a little different this summer. Instead of touring a big city or traveling the sea I thought I would take a road trip and enjoy the scenic views and have a nice stay at a luxurious resort here in my home state and why not to do that by staying at resort. as I mentioned before I never experienced a resort stay until now and I am hooked. its the ultimate luxurious stay and you never have to truly leave.

when on your Summer vacation you cant forget the outfits are always a must, because you want to pack things that can be versatile , comfortable and fashion forward, you don’t want to over-pack and bring your entire closet but you do want to try and pack clothing that can be mixed and matched and keep it fun, for my vacation I decided to go with bold colors neutral accessories and day to night looks. you always want to consider what you will be doing during your vacation stay and pack accordingly, and don’t forget the swim suits.

For more details on my resort vacation click below

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