Prints and Ruffles

Guess who’s bacckkkkk!! Yes I know it’s been a while but Ive FINALLY crawled out of my hiatus and back to my Haute Glam Gang. So I’ll discuss more in another blog but for now we’re going to get in to this look..

Honesty moment: For me in fashion, my styles are really all over the place but one area I never truly was a fan of was certain prints or styles preferably African/Tribal Style Prints and fabrics. I personally felt it was hard to style or unflattering to my body type.

But THEN. I was introduced to the Ofuure clothing Brand and they blew my mind. I had never seen so many styles that were fashion forward, Body Flattering and yes African/tribal Prints. when I partnered with them I never knew it would be one of the best partnerships I’ve encountered. The styles are amazing from the oversized rompers to the Ruffle jumpsuits with each piece giving the best quality and detailing.

So let’s get to why your here.. the details on this look are listed below make sure to check out for these amazing looks and more!

Click Here to Purchase

Photography by: Charis Photography Solutions

One Comment Add yours

  1. ruby says:

    The vibrant colors in these prints are so pretty!! Hollie make one piece outfits very desirable for all figured women!! Love the look!!!


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