A Few Of My Favorite Things : Christmas Edition

It’s the holiday season and Christmas is just days away and for some of us we haven’t even begun to start Christmas shopping. When shopping for others it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift.

For me I try to come up a holiday wishlist of my top 10 favorite things each year that also can be perfect for gift giving ideas ranging from luxe $$$ items to budget friendly gift ideas so without further ado let’s get into my top 10 Favorite Holiday Gift ideas of 2019.

1. Fendi Iconic PeekABoo Oh Baby!! This bag has made the number one spot on my wishlist it’s sparkly detail and infamous Fendi Print makes this the perfect holiday bag great for any occasion or event with just enough to make heads turn. It’s the ultimate glam gift. I literally drool when I look at yes traditional bags are nice but sometimes you need a statement bag that just says wow.. and this bag definitely does it for me!

2. Christian Louboutin So Kate louboutins are always a perfect gift for any fashionista it’s sleek pump style works for any outfit. I’m totally in love with this vibrant pink color great to add a pop of color and can be worn all season round. Louboutins are definitely a luxury purchase but they are always well worth it!

3. Jo Malone -Violet & Amber Absolu Fragrance is always a gift giving win!!! I always find my self trying new fragrances to add to my collection and this particular is by far my favorite it’s delicate smell is fabulous. When shopping for a fragrance you want to find something that will mix well with your body chemistry and if shopping for someone else you want to keep in mind what the other person may like. Also look for gift sets when shopping and don’t forget to ask for testers or samples.

4. Ugg Glitter Slippers – slippers are what I like to call a safe gift because slippers can always be used. For me I love to be extra and I live in slippers when I’m around the house so when I saw these glittery fuzzy slippers they immediately found a place on my wishlist you can always go for it and splurge on these luxe slippers but you can keep it budget friendly and grab a pair from your favorite department store either way you can’t go wrong.

5. James Avery Charms– few years ago on christmas I was gifted a James Avery charm bracelet so I try to make it a habit that all holidays, birthdays etc.. I get a charm to add to my bracelet, I like to think of these as sentimental gifts that require thought and show someone you truly took time in finding a gift they would enjoy James Avery is know for having numerous charms and other artisan jewelry that is universal for any gender or age group. So if your looking for a gift that has some thoughtfulness a charm or charm bracelet is the way to go.

6. Amex Gift Card – Unlike most people I love a gift card, gift cards can be used for a range of things like you can use it to purchase something you may have had your eye on but just didn’t want to spend your own money on or you can use it for practical things like Gas or Personal Items you can also use it to pay it forward and help someone else and did I mention it’s budget friendly.. if your looking for a great stocking stuffer or just in a time crunch don’t be afraid of picking up a gift card or two!

7. Comfy Sleep Wear I always love when I get sleep wear because for me it’s something I rarely purchase for myself why you ask? Who knows but it’s great to have nice sleep wear because when traveling or even at home it’s nice to have a good quality sleep set or gown. Yes I love my T-shirt’s and comfy shorts but we sometimes need to reward our bodies with a nice night of sleep and sleep wear is the perfect way to do that.

8. Bejeweled Headbands In case you haven’t heard head bands are the ultimate fashion trend right now and they make for the perfect gift for any fashionista rather it be a sparkly jeweled or velvet pearls any style is sure to be a great accessory for any age.. I have a few of these on my personal wishlist to Santa and they can be found just about anywhere. So they are definitely a must to add to your Christmas shopping cart.

9. Candles Okay so I know your saying! Candles?! Yes Candles they are always my favorite because I burn candles literally every day and I can never have enough, they are great smelling, Make for great decor and anyone can use them I always recommend candles for really any occasion for the friend, family member or even yourself you can’t go wrong and you could always throw in a great candle holder and super cute packaging and you have created a perfect gift that’s cost effective.

10. Beauty Blender For me one thing I can never have enough of is makeup beauty blenders because I’m ALWAYS using them they great to have for all your beauty needs and for me when you travel or are constantly on the move you don’t always have time to clean them so I try to have new ones on hand where I can grab and go for my ladies who are constantly on the go. beauty blenders are the most simple stocking stuffer to get and beauty fanatic in your list.

Well these are my top 10 favs for the holidays, I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to find those perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and wonderful new year!

This blog is not sponsored and theses are my personal views and opinions of HauteGlamHollie

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