Simple chic in the city

It’s a sunny and cool day in the city, so it was just right for a effortless chic fashion combo. No matter where you are in your fashion journey it’s always a great idea to have a few simple staple pieces in your wardrobe, and black is always a plus for go to for numerous reasons. you can always pair these pieces with just about anything for any occasion wether it be lunch with friends, date night, or a “just because” look you can definitely achieve it.

For me I went with my favorite Cardigan which I purchased from my local thrift store along with this knitted tank dress (also thrifted), for boots I went with these fabulous Jessica Simpson boots purchased on clearance at Macy’s and to complete the look with my channel maxi jumbo flap.

Can you a achieve this look and keep it budget friendly? Absolutely fashion is not breaking the bank it’s putting your creativity in the most simplest of things. so I hope this simple chic weekend look inspires you for your next slayage adventure.

Plus Size Duster Cardigan| Plus Size Bodycon Midi Dress| Lamira Boot | Chanel maxi classic handbag

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