Valentines Look Under $50


As we all know Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and for most of us we are all looking for that perfect V- Day outfit look and if your like me, I’m always looking for ways to save some coins. So why not share with you how you can style your Valentine Day Look for under $50

For me I love a good LBD (Little Black Dress) because you literally have endless possibilities when it comes to styling ideas for any occasion. For this look I decided to go with my vintage velvet LBD paired with a fuchsia pink sash which you can fund just about anywhere from amazon, local bridal or prom shop, or you can always get one made by your local seamstress, this should only run you a few dollars but the costs can very just remember to stay budget friendly, also using a scarf can achieve this same look.

How did you get the bow? I took the sash and tied it directly around the high part of my waist making this fun and flirty oversized bow giving An fun, girly vibe but staying sophisticated at the same time. to finish this look off, I chose an silver strappy sandal shoe to add that touch of glamour and bring this look all together.

Well fashionistas that’s my fun & flirty valentine look that’s coin friendly, fashion approved, date worthy & single but sexy look for any fashionista. As always if you would like to see more Valentine day looks make sure to comment below.

XOXO- Hollie


Photographer: @Charis Photography Solutions

Instagram: @therealmisshollie



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