Blazers 101: Helpful Tips

When is the perfect season for blazers? The answer is every season, is blazer season. When it comes to blazers it can be one of the most universal pieces of clothing we have in our wardrobe, it can be dressed up with your favorite dress or chic skirt or it can be paired with your favorite jeans or most comfortable trousers the options are endless.

However there are a few rules when it comes to having that perfect blazer. size/fit being a major factor along with length and quality. As we know in fashion not all garments are made the same but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank finding that perfect blazer. For me being a plus-size woman I use to struggle with finding blazers or jackets in general either the arms were too tight, the length was too short or the quality just wasn’t up to par. So with all those cons I began my journey of finding blazers that would work for the everyday day woman who didn’t fit the the normal standard size.

When shopping for blazers, I literally am all over the place from my local department stores to my neighborhood discount stores and my most favorite thrift stores. Department stores will usually carry a great quality of blazers, your neighborhood stores such as target or TJ Max will have a more cost affordable but the quality is still there and thrift stores will always have a better size variety because vintage blazers will always have a more fuller cut. All of these can help you find your next blazer along with a little time and patience but you’ll definitely be able to score a great stylish look in the end.

I hope these helpful tips have given you some insight when searching for your next fashion blazer. And inspiration for your next outfit idea.

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