The J.renee Verity Pump

If your a girly girl like me and you grew up with a mother who was into fashion and dressing up especially for church. then you have heard of this brand at least once in your lifetime. My mother was a LOVER and still is a great customer of the J.Renee shoe brand which is still elegant, sleek in style and has been around for as long as I can remember which makes there shoes so timeless.. so you can only imagine how exciting it was to partner with them on this collab as well as the sentimental meaning behind it to wear a brand that my mother once wore but trust its and it still be up to date and honestly one of my favorite shoes is so awesome..

So about this shoe.. this is the Verity Pump in color beige with a satin finish and a dazzling rhinestone bow. I have it in a size 10..( I usually wear an 11 normally) but the fit is still great and comfortable the heel height is perfect so you can go all day, and the width needs no breaking in!!! ( HALLELUJAH). I love this shoe and defiantly will be rocking it all this spring.

Shoe Details

Verity – Beige Click here to shop now

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